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Gigabrain trading.
Smoothbrain simple.

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The more creative your trade is, the more rewards you earn!

Start earning rewards by training the Kek Bot v2 Brain.Learn More >

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Kek Bot rewards you for every trade. Just message Kek Bot and let the KEK flow freely.

Trading Rewards: Earn on every trade you place.
Prompt Mining: Earn rewards for training Kek Bot v2.
Referrals: Make referrals and earn whenever they trade.

Burn Baby, Burn.

Fees generated by Kek Bot permanently burn Pepecoin 🐸πŸ”₯.

Earn rewards by training Kek Bot v2

Train the Kek Bot v2 Brain and get rewarded based on the creativity of your prompts. The more unique your trade is, the more you earn.

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Prompt Mining

Trade across chains

Kek Bot operates on both Ethereum and Solana with more chains on the way!

Quantum Sniping

Out-snipe the competition and ape with haste with Kek Bot's unrivalled execution speed.

Configure and deploy your own Kek Bot

Seamlessly configure and deploy your own bots. Earn fees and gain valuable audience metrics when your subscribers act on your calls.

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